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Credit card for negative people is released by PicPay for customers


    Credit card for negative people is released by PicPay for customers

    Having your name included on the credit restriction list is a barrier that many face when trying to acquire traditional financial products. Fortunately, some companies have created alternatives that offer freedom and flexibility, even for those who are negative. One of these innovations comes through PicPay, which introduced a very advantageous credit card modality.

    PicPay renewed the concept of credit for those facing financial constraints by launching the PicPay Card with a guaranteed limit. This solution allows users to use the resources they already have in an intelligent and secure way, transforming them into a credit limit on the card.

    How the PicPay Card works with a guaranteed limit

    The PicPay credit card works simply: the money you deposit into the account or into the platform’s Piggy Bank feature can be converted into credit. This means that it is not necessary to have a limit pre-approved by the financial institution; your own balance becomes your available credit limit for purchases.

    Using the PicPay Card with a guaranteed limit brings several advantages. Firstly, you have complete control over your spending, as you can only spend what you already have. Furthermore, the money that is not used continues to yield at an exceptional rate of 102% of the CDI. There is also the benefit of up to 40 days to pay the invoice interest-free, which helps with financial planning without pressure.

    In addition to the benefits of the guaranteed limit, the PicPay Card stands out for its cashback system. When shopping at more than 300 partner stores through PicPay Shop, you can recover up to 25% of the amount spent. This is a great opportunity to save even more and feel like part of your money is going back into your pocket.

    How to request your PicPay Card

    For those with financial constraints and looking for a way to reintegrate into the world of digital purchases and services, the PicPay Card with a guaranteed limit can be a real game-changer. See how to request your PicPay Card:

    Download the PicPay app on your smartphone.

    Access the “Wallet” section in the application.

    Click on “Request PicPay Card”.

    Reserve the money to be converted into credit.

    Use the virtual card immediately, even before the physical one arrives.

    Source: Alan da Silva/ auxiliobrasil.com

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